Fleet outsourcing

Outsourcing is perfect for you who prefers fleet administration in the hands of multi lingual fleet specialists

Leave the fleet administration to us. No matter how many cars you have, owned or leased. Our core business is securing stability, quality and best practice for you.

The right way to offer operational fleet administration for clients

We understand in depths what it takes to administrate an entire fleet and the complexity and variety required. This goes both for international as well as national fleets.

With an outsourcing solution through us, you gain the strategic flexibility to work with multiple vendors and to change your set up at any point in time.

Fleet administration is not ‘one-size-fits-all’, which is why our outsourcing model is flexible and scalable and can be set up matching your business needs and fleet structure.

Part of our implementation model, is to secure and document the fleet management processes and make sure your requirements are included in the set up.

You will have a dedicated fleet administration team allocated, who will be responsible for all daily management of your fleet.

Our professional operation centers are multi lingual, and we serve the majority of our clients in local language.

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  • NTime to focus on your core business
  • NSpecialist and experienced team for daily administration
  • NAdministration who ‘speaks the language’ of the leasing companies and OEMs
  • NFleet transparency

Why outsource:

  • NFleet administration is not your core business
  • NWe provide a skilled and dedicated team to manage your fleet
  • NWe are there every single day

360° Fleet Management

Lead and empower your business by letting us handle every aspect of your fleet management

Fleet management is our core business. Fleetzone covers all significant key areas of fleet management. Our expertise and knowledge cover the complete life cycle, from strategic and tactical to operational. We call it 360° Fleet Management.

Fleet Management Strategy, Car Policy, Tendering & Electrification

Asset Management, Procurement, FleetDNA, Invoice Control

Fleet Administration (Outsourcing)