Fleet consulting

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Ask leasing company #1 where to find the cheapest quote, and they would probably point to themselves. Ask leasing company #2 where to find the cheapest quote, and they would most likely point in their own direction. See where we are going?

Independent of car manufacturers and leasing companies

We might also ask whether you can be sure that any single leasing company will always provide the best value for money every time on every car. 

Not only are there numerous elements involved in compiling the lease of any individual car, there’s also the master agreement to consider. We provide you with the insight to make the most optimal decisions.

Fleetzone is 100 % independent of car manufacturers and leasing companies. We are on your side the whole way through. We ensure that our solutions match your requirements based on fact and transparency. We receive no kickbacks from any manufacturer or other supplier that might affect our recommendations. Our only concern is to serve you and improve your fleet management.

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Fleet Strategy

Where are you going ?

Your fleet needs a plan, just as well as your company has one.

We have supported and build many strategies, independently if it’s a full electrification strategy, a mobility solution or both or any other plan.

We believe that we have the competences to either build, update or review your strategy, as we have done in various other cases.

We perform fleet strategy projects in close cooperation with the fleet owner and the connected stakeholders to secure a sustainable fleet strategy. We are there from start to execution and even longer.


Tender management

Tendering a vehicle fleet is quite different to a pure commodity product tender. Vehicle fleet tendering typically include a financing and service element and by that adding complexity to a tender.

We are experts in this specific and complex discipline.

We provide you with vendor agnostic consulting, as we have absolutely no preference for vehicle brands, leasing companies and any other fleet industry vendors.

We manage tenders from A-Z, which means all the way from tender preparation to tender conclusion proposal. This includes baselining, vendor analysis and facilitation of negotiations.

We are providing all the consulting and guidance to a solid decision base, but all decisions are made by you.


Car Policy

Car policy is a must-have.

The car policy is the steering tool and operational document of the fleet strategy.

A car policy comes in many forms and shapes, trust us, because we have seen and build quite many.

Companies and businesses are different and car policies need to cover both international and national fleets, but also often various divisions or legal entities. In our view each driver or area eligible for a company vehicle should have no doubt on what is possible and what is not, together with understanding the obligations of having a company vehicle available.

In our opinion a car policy does not have to be fair, it simply just has to be ‘black & white’, so no grey zones or room for individual interpretations are possible.


Cost savings & optimization

Maybe we should also say ‘cost avoidance’, as this also plays a role in fleet management.

We support specific initiatives, such as cost reduction initiatives, right sizing projects and optimization of processes concerning fleet administration.