Optimum TCO requires full overview

A business with hundreds or thousands of vehicles requires an overview to keep the fleet running at optimum cost. Simultaneously there must be a certain degree of transparency from the strategic level right down to each individual car. FleetZone offers a web-based software platform providing the tools necessary to control car policy, tenders, operations monitoring and asset management

Modular platform with builtin flexibility

Some require the complete Fleet Management Platform. Others need less. This is why FleetZone offers a modular software platform which lets you choose what is relevant to your business. The platform is web-based (SaaS) and operated by FleetZone. This frees you to spend your valuable time on other things than installation, backups and updates.

Complete overview

Among other things you can quickly get an overview of:

  • the number of cars
  • makes and models
  • financing forms and -partners
  • the TCO per global, region, country or divisional level
  • the location of individual cars
  • divisions/departments to which cars are allocated

Optimum price - every time

Annual savings of say  €300 on leasing commitments on a new car may not sound like much. Multiplied by the number of cars in your fleet, however, it quickly adds up.

Using our Procurement Module each user gets a list of the cars available in terms of policy and leasing limitations. The FleetZone platform opens the listed cars to market competition ensuring you obtain the optimum price - every time.

Get on top of your fleet’s DNA

FleetDNA allows you to chart every detail of your fleet divided according to physical cars, their costs and environmental impact. FleetDNA also constitutes  a valuable reporting tool providing management with a complete overview of fleet performance.