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FleetZone is an international service provider offering independent fleet management. Our primary services are software , consultancy and fleet administration (outsourcing). We provide solutions at the national or international level for fleet sizes ranging from a few units up to several thousand. 

We are 100% independent and have no financial interests or dealings with leasing companies or car manufactorers/vendors. This means our solutions are created purely with your bottom line in mind

360° Fleet Management

Fleet management is our core business. FleetZone covers all significant areas of fleet management. Our expertise and knowledge cover the complete life cycle, from strategy and tactics to operations. We call it 360° Fleet Management.

We are happy to handle all aspects of fleet management for your business from car policy over tender management to reports and daily admin optimization. Alternatively you can simply make use of our expertise for counseling and sparring. 

A brief history of FleetZone

After several years in both sides of the business it became clear that there was a market for independent counseling as well as for the tools for handling all aspects of fleet management, not only the financial aspect of the fleet but all internal aspects from the strategic level to operations. We believe that the market was open in 3 key areas - Counseling/ Software platform/ Fleet administration (outsourcing) and especially the combination of all 3. In short there was a demand for Fleet Excellence and this was the background for the establishment of FleetZone in 2008.


Poul Hvidberg

Worked 10 years at Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), including a country manager position for Daimler Chrysler Capital Services. From 2004 - 2008 Vice President, Corporate Procurement in one of Denmark's largest companies with responsibility for building and managing the implementaion of an international Fleet Management strategy for a fleet with approximately 20.000 vehicles. Holds a CBA from AVT.

Jeppe Nejsum Madsen

Extensive experience designing and developing software systems. Have worked a number of years in the US and following that as a consultant for a number of large danish corporations. From 2008-2009 Director of Engineering at Epista Software, responsible for development of a SaaS product for analysis and visualization of online data. Holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science.