Get an advisor, who is only on your side

Ask a Ford vendor what station car to choose and the answer will be a Mondeo. Ask VW and they will tell you to choose a Passat. See what we’re getting at?

We might also ask whether you can be sure that any single leasing company will always provide the best value for money every time on every car. What about "local hero's", are they an option ?

Not only are there numerous elements involved in compiling the lease of any individual car, there’s also the master agreement to consider. We provide you with the insight necessary to make professional and objective decisions.

FleetZone is 100 % independent of car manufacturers and leasing companies. We are on your side the whole way through. We ensure that our solutions match your requirements based on fact and transparency. We receive no kickbacks from any manufacturer or other supplier that might affect our recommendations. Our only concern is to serve you and improve your P&L.


We establish fleet strategies with the right stakeholder balance to implement company goals. As external advisors we focus on all parameters - including the potentially sensitive ones.

Car Policy

We realize that car policy is a sensitive topic for most businesses and we have years of experience ensuring that all parties are considered. Use us to establish a car policy that allows for the requirements of your business - or to revise and optimize your existing one.

Tender Management

With our experience we realize that tenders require time and resources. We ensure thorough assessment of all elements - not just the TCO. We are happy to act as independent consultants on your assignment, either assisting from the sidelines or taking full responsibility for the entire project. In that case we outline needs and demands, compile tender documents and handle all communication to potential suppliers. We assess tenders, compile decision proposals and implement the selected solution once the deal has been secured.