If you prefer not to deal with it

We have been working with fleet management for a number of years and have built an arsenal of experience and know-how, also in the area of admin in the Nordics. We don’t just deal with admin, we use our international experience and best practice cases to optimize and advise leading to improved quality and greater savings for you.

If you want to establish competition for your leasing contracts and use more than one leasing company, or if you spend an unreasonable amount of time on fleet admin, then outsourcing to us may be the solution for you. Not only will you save a lot of bother, you will no longer be vulnerable to periods of absence or illness in your organization. We are an independent 3rd party with the right tools and years of experience and knowhow - providing tangible results not only in your day-to-day business but on the bottom line too. 

We handle all the practical aspects of procurement, daily admin and reporting. This allows you to free internal resources to focus on tasks which actively contribute to company development, revenue and growth.

FleetZone Nordic admin delivers:

  • Day-to-day fleet admin
  • Fleet analysis
  • Management reports
  • Revision/establishment of process specs for fleet admin.
  • Fleet guide
  • Intranet-based portal solutions